Fighting Discrimination in Europe: The Case for a Race-Conscious Approach.

Fighting Discrimination in Europe: The Case for a Race-Conscious Approach.

Co-edited with Mathias Moschel and Costanza Hermanin. London, New York: Routledge, 2013.

The member states of the EU have only very recently begun to consider race and racism in the framework of equality legislation and policies. As opposed to an established Anglo-Saxon tradition of naming races and using racial categorisation to fight racism, most continental European countries resist this approach. This book investigates the problematic reception and elaboration of race as a socio-legal category in Europe.

Fighting Discrimination in Europe: The Case for a Race-Conscious Approach takes a fresh and interdisciplinary look at the normative, theoretical and concrete problems raised by the challenge of devising and enforcing policies to combat race discrimination in Europe. It engages with the juridical and political spheres, from the international level down to concrete cases of state and city policies. As the multifaceted relationship between race, discrimination and immigration is explored, new normative positions and practical approaches are developed, and new questions raised.

This collection presents important new research for academics, researchers, and advanced students of Ethnic Studies, Migration Studies, Legal Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, and Policy Studies.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies.
Table of contents:
1. Introduction: How does race ‘count’ in fighting racial and ethnic discrimination in Europe? Mathias Möschel, Costanza Hermanin and Michele Grigolo 
2. Race in mainland European legal analysis: towards a European critical race theory Mathias Möschel 
3. The paradox of decategorization: deinstitutionalizing race through race-based affirmative action in the United States Daniel Sabbagh 
4. Ethnic categories and European human rights law Julie Ringelheim 
5. The discrimination discourse in relation to the Roma: its limits and benefits Emanuela Ignăţoiu-Sora 
6. Data on discrimination in EU countries: statistics, research and the drive for comparability John Wrench 
7. ‘Counts’ in the Italian ‘nomad camps’: an incautious ethnic census of Roma Costanza Hermanin 
8. Incorporating cities into the EU anti-discrimination policy: between race discrimination and migrant rights Michele Grigolo 
9. Conclusion: Rethinking the fight against discrimination: the case for a race-conscious approach Mathias Möschel, Costanza Hermanin and Michele Grigolo

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